Buddhist Porn

Eroticism and Zen

shiva gets drenched

Zen Mind is not mine to give you or anyone. Why would I be so presumptuous and mean as to promise to give you what you are already overflowing with and from, the source of your bodily life from the beginningless beginning, the clear form of Nirvanic bliss arising spontaneously in all your senses?The great crashing monsoon rains have just begun, and everything is turning lush and green. It’s the Buddha Nature! It’s the wild dance of Shiva. Go out laughing into the shattering sky, be wild, dance, get soaked to the skin! Where’s all the dust now?


what is it?

Nobody really knows how the pollen-stained mouth of Voidness can manifest such intense and vivid beauty.

Nobody, I am sure, understands how this insanely great and mysterious life springs out of sheer Nothingness.

By doing Zen one can actually regain one’s senses and see the splendor. It hits you all at once, like a great wave that whirls you around in dazzling foam.

What is Erotic Buddhism?

It’s a kind of Zen. It’s the Zen of erotic play.

Life-giving. Intense. What splendor.


This is a site for Erotic Buddhism.